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Submit to our next issue

Submissions are open until April 21st


Who can submit work?

Middleground focuses on the voices of mixed-race people. 
If you identify as such, and have a desire to tell or explore your racial identity and its meanings, ambivalences, and beauty, we'd love to hear from you.

Before you submit

Before you send your work through, please check that:

You identify as mixed-race/multiracial/mixed-heritage (or any other term you feel comfortable with)

You've familiarised yourself with the kind of work we publish by reading our past issues and checking the "What are we looking for?" section below

Your work is formatted properly (see below for guidelines)

The subject line and body of your email contain all the information we need

You are not sending us more pieces than we accept

If you're sending us art, the quality of your files is high enough for publication and shows only your artwork (no walls and surface or objects obstructing the piece)

What are we looking for?

We are looking for work that explores what it means to be mixed-race – whether it's through family, language, food, the way you see yourself or society sees you. We want innovative work that:

  • explores mixedness through a new and personal lense

  • moves away from the concept of greyness 

  • looks closer at how your multiracial identity makes you fully you


For a clearer idea of what we are hoping to publish, please have a look at our existing issues. They're free and will let you know whether your piece might fit in.

Exploration of one's identity is a diverse and fluid journey, and Middleground wants to honour that. We accept:

  • Non-fiction up to 2,500 words

  • Fiction up to 2,500 words

  • Up to three poems per submission

  • Illustrations, photography, digital artwork, etc.

Submission guidelines

Please read all of these carefully before sending through any of your work:​

  • We will accept work until April 21st.

  • All contributors get paid a small, symbolic fee.

  • Please familiarise yourself with what we're looking for by reading our existing issues

  • If sending prose or poetry through, please use a standard font in 12pt. 

  • Send your submission to as a word document (.doc or .docx), along with a short bio. If sending art, please ensure you include a JPEG or PNG version of your work as well. Should you be sending through poetry that follows unusual formatting, you can also include a PDF version of your piece. 

  • If sending art or photography, please send us high-quality pictures of your work.

  • We only accept work by mixed-race individuals. If you would like to include a note on your ethnic background, you are welcome to do so, though this isn't a requirement.

  • Please send your submission with a subject as follows: GENRE (poetry, fiction, non-fiction or art) - YOUR NAME - Title of your piece

  • We only accept one submission per person for fiction and non-fiction, up to three poems for poets and up to four pieces for artists.

  • Please send us only finished pieces.

  • While we accept simultaneous submissions, we ask that you inform us immediately if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.

Have you got questions or an idea you want to discuss with us? Please get in touch! We can't wait to hear from you.

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