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Middleground is a free, biannual magazine showcasing art and writing by mixed-race creatives. It features award-winning artists and writers and aims to offer an authentic, diverse representation of mixed-race experiences around the world.

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Winter 2024

In a true show of resilience, the incredible contributors to Issue 7 remind us of what unites us, makes us strong, and brings us peace. You will find writing by Nnadi Samuel, Rigo, Mary Barghout, Amii Griffith, Lori Arden Snow, Sacha Celine Verheij, Ruqayyah Moynihan, and Rishaad Aït El Moudden, and artwork by Jessy DeSantis, XM Tran, Natasha Virli and Lauren Cory.

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Summer 2021

Released in June 2021, this issue contains writing by Gabrielle Behar-Trinh, Fannah Palmer, Laura Barker, Reina Davis, Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin and more, as well as art by Forrest McGarvey, Lee-Won Fulbright, Leyla Moazzen and more. Cover art by Yvwh Elohim.

Winter 2021

Following the lifecycle of a fictional mixed-race narrator, Middleground's fifth issue introduces new art by Shaeley Lincoln, Jasmine Coe and Jessica Carvajal, as well as exciting and skilful writing by Vivian Burnette, Mishu Callan, Zoe Mei, Laila Sumpton, Mandy Shunnarah, Lucille Mona Ling and Shayne Haskens. Cover art by Tara Modi.

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Summer 2022

Food is an essential part of our cultures, so this issue focuses on the recipes that our dear to our contributors. It contains work by Sean Wai Keung (author of 'sikfan glaschu', published by Verve Poetry), Shana Weisberg, Hollay Ghadery, Alison Lubar, Lucille Mona Ling, Charlotte Marie and many more. Cover art by Salma Abumeeiz.

Winter 2020

Middleground's third issue showcases art by Jalinka Gressman, Peri Law, Jonathon Long and Molly Murakami. The writing section features work by Damien Belliveau, Nasim Asl, Sumaya Kassim, Jo Hamya (whose novel 'Three Rooms' came out in 2021) and more. Cover art by Alessia Camoirano Bruges.

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Issue 2

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Summer 2020

This issue of Middleground features art by Jullian Nazzaro, award-winning animation director Corinne Ladeinde, Hopper Prize winner Adrian Coleman and more. It also contains writing by Camaray Davalos, Roshni Gallagher, Ken Taro Ward and Dean Atta, named one of the 100 most influential LGBT people in the UK by The Independent and whose novel "The Black Flamingo" was awarded the American Library Association Stonewall Book Award. Cover art by Ling Hsiu Tsai.

Issue 1

Winter 2019

Middleground's first-ever issue includes, among others, writing by Hana Pera Aoake, Sean Wai Keung (author of 'sikfan glaschu', published by Verve Poetry), Lishai Peel and Janette Ayachi, whose collection 'Hand Over Mouth Music' won the Saltire Poetry Book of the Year Literary Award in 2019. In the art section, you will find work by multi-award winner Habib Hajallie, Grisel Miranda, Lia Kimura and Betty Brown. Cover art by Georgia Kitty Harris.

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